Tata and Bharat Petroleum Collab to Install 7000 EV Chargers

09/12/2023 - 12:00 | Tata Motors,   | IAB Team

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a Fortune 500 and a Fully Integrated Maharatna Energy Company and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. (TPEM), known for pioneering India’s electric vehicle revolution, have signed an MOU to collaborate in establishing public charging stations across India. The collaboration will leverage BPCL’s widespread fuel stations network and TPEM’s insights from over 1.15 lakh Tata EVs on Indian road, to set up chargers at locations frequently visited by Tata EV owners. Additionally, BPCL will gather insights on charger usage to improve customer experience.

This agreement between TPEM and BPCL aims to improve the overall experience for EV owners across India. The two companies are also exploring the possibility of introducing a convenient payment system through a co-branded RFID card, making payment easier for Tata EV users and to encourage more people to adopt electric vehicles in the country.

BPCL boasts a nationwide network of over 21,000 Fuel Stations and is committed to a sustainable future by amalgamating strategy, investments, and environmental goals. BPCL aims to install 7,000 electric vehicle charging stations by next year. To alleviate electric vehicle owners’ range concerns, BPCL has initiated over 90 Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Highway Corridors across the nation, ensuring a fast-charging station approximately every 100 kilometers on both sides of major highways. These corridors span more than 30,000 kilometers across various highways, assuring enhanced EV convenience and accessibility.

Case studies from across the world show that ubiquitous and convenient charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for driving EV adoption, and that growth in charging infrastructure results in an exponential growth in EV adoption. The collaboration between two leading companies is expected to accelerate the growth of charging infrastructure in the country, and thus contribute to mainstreaming EV adoption in India.

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