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Maruti to start work on Gujarat plant by June?

The country's largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki, will soon start work on another manufacturing plant. The new facility will be located in Hansalpur in Gujarat and work is scheduled to start in the first quarter of the next financial year.

Maruti Suzuki turns to Africa to sell its petrol cars

In a market where petrol prices change on sheer will, it is no surprise when you learn that most manufacturers are running an 80:20 diesel to petrol ratio. Since no one predicted such rampant change in the demand, manufacturers are sitting on idle petrol

Suzuki Grand Vitara gets a rear lift in Canada

The Suzuki Grand Vitara may not be the most popular car in India. But just a like baddie in a Rajnikanth movie, it refuses to die. Been in existence since 2005, the Grand Vitara has just got an update at the Canadian Auto expo. When we say ‘update’,

Video: Maruti Suzuki Ritz facelift caught testing in Gurgaon

Our friends at Gaadi.com have snapped a a full video of the camouflaged Ritz that is currently while it was peacefully testing in Gurgaon. Expected changes include: New wide grill, re-designed bonnet and fog lamp housings Minor changes to the

Maruti Suzuki inks new pact with Fiat for diesel engines

We followed the Suzuki-VW relationship quite closely right from its inception as we expected great things out of it. However, things did not go as we would have hoped. If you have been following the auto industry with a keen eye, you are well aware

Maruti Suzuki – Indian Market now wants big cars

The kingpin of the small car market – Maruti Suzuki is sensing a strange rearrangement in the Indian car market. The largest car market in India believes that the India is matured enough to demand larger cars. Maruti Suzuki believes that the average

Maruti Suzuki to buy 1 lakh diesel engines from Fiat

Fiat’s Multijet diesel engine has worked wonders for many manufacturers in India. But if you had to pick one from the lot, it has to be Maruti Suzuki. The king pin of the small car market has gained maximum benefit from the Multijet diesel. Currently,

Maruti Suzuki steadily losing grip on the Indian Market?

There was a time in the history of the Indian automotive scene when ‘Maruti’ was a by word for a car. If you wanted a family car, you would buy the 800. If you wanted to flaunt your new riches, you bought an Esteem. If you had a big family, you would

Maruti Suzuki cuts production due to weak demand

July has been a dull and damp month for car sales in India. Rising petrol prices combined by rising interest rates made sure that the Indian market met with a decline of 16% as compared to July last year. Every manufacturer took a hit on their sales