What’s Royal Enfield Riders Club & Why it Should Launch in India?

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Perhaps, just like most of the motorcycle brands out there, Royal Enfield, too, wants to do good business by selling as many bikes as possible, year after year. However, for the Chennai-based two-wheeler giant, it isn’t just all about selling motorcycles. It aims to grow the community and enhance the customer’s overall ownership experience of a Royal Enfield bike. It plans to make Royal Enfield a lifestyle.

Royal Enfield Riders Club Of Europe

Probably, to achieve that, Royal Enfield Riders Club has been announced which will make its debut from the European market. So, what’s exactly it is all about and why should it be launched in India, too?

Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe

As the name suggests, it is a special and official club for Royal Enfield enthusiasts. Its goal is to bring Royal Enfield riders together as a community. Its members will get access to exclusive rides, brand experiences, events, training, and national and international tours. They will also be entitled to a few perks, like VIP access to shows and events, but only when it's safe to organise and attend such events in the post-Covid world.

How to Join?

For existing Royal Enfield owners, the first year of membership with the Riders Club will be free, and all members will receive a gift at the time of their joining. To sign up, they need to log on to the Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe through the brand’s official website. Future owners will receive the option to sign up for the Riders Club when purchasing a new Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 With Female Rider

Why Should it be Launched in India, too?

India is one of the biggest markets for Royal Enfield. The brand has already got a gigantic fan following in the country. Opening an exclusive club for existing, new, and future Royal Enfield owners would indeed help the brand grow more as a community.

In many cities, most of the Royal Enfield Brand Stores are already in the habit of creating certain WhatsApp groups with RE owners as members. Information regarding local rides is shared on them. With the official Royal Enfield Riders Club, things would take place on a much higher scale and in a more organised fashion, thus, bringing the Royal Enfield riders together. Like-minded people would be able to become a part of several interesting activities and events, including exclusive rides.

What are your views about the Royal Enfield Riders Club? Do you think it should be launched for the Indian market, too? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 With Male Rider In A

Speaking about the Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe, Arun Gopal, Head of Business Markets, EMEA, said:

At Royal Enfield, we're all about our riders - they are the real custodians of the brand. For everything that we do as a company; from the motorcycles that we develop to the entire brand ecosystem, we carefully curate, we put the end rider at the core of our thinking. We appreciate that riders come in many forms and different guises; the purists, the adventure tourers, the retro bike enthusiasts or the everyday commuters that seek self-reliance and convenience. However, what unites them all is a yearning to get out and ride. We love motorcycling in its purest form, it binds and grounds us, and we welcome anyone into our world. We're excited to write the next chapter of Royal Enfield's enduring story, and we envision the Riders Club of Europe to be an integral part of this for many years to come.

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