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Okinawa, the first company to receive FAME 2 approval in the electric two-wheeler segment, has announced a bunch of new custom hand-painted themes for its products. The company’s current and future electric scooters will be available in these unique themes.

Okinawa Praise Chameleon Pearl Theme
All the custom themes have been created by professional artists using high-quality colours.

Founded in 2015, Okinawa is a well-known EV brand in the country. To give its products a refreshing visual appeal and lure in more customers, Okinawa has come up with an interesting service. The electric scooter manufacturer is providing a set of exciting custom hand-painted colour options for its entire e-scooter line-up. For example, the Okinawa Lite is available in Honeycomb Theme, Patina Distress Rust Theme and more. Similarly, the Okinawa Ridge electric scooters have Chameleon Pearl Theme, Crystal Effect Theme, etc.

All the custom themes are created on the electric scooters by professional artists using high-quality colours. Every theme is designed by hand to highlight the particular details of the e-scooters. To further give a personalised touch to the design, customers can also get their initials painted. The list of custom themes will vary depending on the model.

Okinawa Lite Honeycomb Theme
Okinawa is charging INR 15,000 for this service.

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Okinawa is providing this service only online. Interested customers would need to visit the brand’s website, select the electric scooter and the desired custom hand-painted theme. Once the e-scooter is ready, it will be delivered through a local dealership. Okinawa is charging INR 15,000 for this service.

In other news, the Okinawa Oki100 electric motorcycle has been confirmed to be launched in India in the third quarter of the financial year 2020-21.

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