The new Hyundai Verna Transform - In detail

23/06/2010 - 12:15 | ,   | Naveen

Hyundai Verna Transform india launch

Hyundai has launched the new refreshed Hyundai Verna Transform sedan in New Delhi and we had posted pictures of the refreshed Verna Transform about an hour ago. Hyundai India is very confident the Verna Transform would transform (excuse us for the pun) the fate of the slow selling sedan. The Verna Transform has been priced between 6.56 and 9.22 lakhs.

H W Park, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motors India Ltd -

The Verna Transform is all set to boost Hyundai’s already superior line-up of products in India by raising the benchmark in the sedan segment, even further. The car’s distinctive sporty styling and dynamic features complement the refined power and thrilling performance that the Verna brand stands for. We are confident that the new Verna will prove to be very popular with car enthusiasts and will transform ownership into a thrilling experience.

We studied the Verna Transform thoroughly and here we have summed up the Hyundai Verna's 'transformations'.


The changes to the exteriors are not drastic. There have been a few changes to the front end and the back end and whats in between have been left untouched.

> The headlamps have been changed completely and now looks like an 'Eagles Head'.

> The bumper of the car has been given a thorough overhaul and the airdams look sporty and the black surround for the fog lamps help in giving the car a mean look.

> However the good work of the headlamps and bumper is ruined by the new grille of the car. The twin horizontal slat spoils the frontal appearance of the car. But when looked head on, the car looks good.

> The side indicator lamps have been moved to the rear view mirrors and the strip of indicator LEDs look good.

> There are no distinguishing changes to the side of the car, but the Verna Transform gets chrome rub strips and chrome lining along the glass area.

> At the rear the tail lamps have been given the clear lens treatment and the triangular reverse light and indicator in the lamp looks sporty.

> The boot lid handle has a unique two tone finish (body color + chrome) which is a nice touch.

> The lower half of the rear bumper is the best part of the exterior design. The black finished 'pseudo-diffuser' looks very good and complementing it is the trapezoidal exhaust pipe finished in chrome.

Interiors -

The interiors of the Verna Transform have no visual changes at all but there are changes which we feel would make the cabin feel a bit more upmarket.

> The most important change that the interiors have been given is the theme of lighting has been changed from pale green to blue. May not seem like a big change but does a world of good to the Verna Transform.

> The instrument panel now come with an impressive blue back lighting which truly gives the car an upmarket feel.

> The Verna Transform get a new music system and the new one looks much better than the old music player which had a plasticky feel.

> The clock above the music system and the display screen for the Climate Control get a new blue backlit LCD.

> The seats gets new beige colored fabrics which look decent enough for a car in this segment.

Click here for the new Verna Transform's exclusive picture gallery.

IAB's opinion -

Though the car has been transformed sufficiently the changes have been mild and doesn't make the Verna Transform instantly seem like a much better car than the competition. Hyundai had an opportunity to offer new engines and tweak the messy gearbox of the Verna, but Hyundai chose not to. There hasn't been any mechanical revisions at all.

Even the interiors could have gotten better looking faux-wood inserts and steering controls. The interior colors though not bad, could have been changed to either fully beige or a black beige two tone for that upmarket look.

What we feel is that the Verna Transform is a good car but not a great car. The car has been priced between 6.56 lakhs and 9.22 lakhs and at this price Hyundai could have offered more in the Verna. The reply to the soon-arriving competition could have been stronger.

We are afraid that the all new Verna 'Tranform' is just an oxymoron.

Image source: Carwale

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