Mugen's custom parts for Honda Jazz in America

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The Honda Fit (Jazz) Sport model is not available in India, Honda is mulling over the possibility of introducing the 1.5-liter engine variant in India next year.

In the U.S though, you could buy the Fit off a Honda showroom. Now add to that some flashy jewelery in the form of Honda and Mugen parts which makes the Fit sportier and more fun (and pricey as well)

Honda's long-time racing team and performance parts supplier, Mugen, has introduced a list of accessories.

Mugen Accessories for Honda Fit/Jazz

  • front sport grille
  • front, side and rear spoilers
  • 16-inch, black-metal coated wheels
  • mufflers
  • sports pedals
  • shift knob
  • quick shifter
  • mirror covers
  • oil filter cap

Source - Honda Automobiles Mugen Accessories page

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