Check out these 6 modified Tata Sierra SUVs from across India

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The Tata Sierra was discontinued in 2000 but enjoys a huge fan following. First launched in 1999, it became the first passenger vehicle from Tata Motors. The Sierra is also the only mainstream SUV to have been launched with a 3-door body format, which, while not too popular among the buyers, is one of the biggest reasons for this model's cult-like status. Here are six great examples of modified Tata Sierra SUVs from across the country -

6 Modified Tata Sierra SUVs

Modified Tata Sierra from Kerala

Modified Tata Sierra Kerala Images Front Full View

Towards the end of its career, the Tata Sierra received a turbocharged 90 bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine that was a huge step up from the 68 bhp motor. The SUV even offered an optional 4x4 hardware that made it quite capable off the road.

This Sierra 4x4 from Kerala carries a handful of modifications that make it quite bold and ready to venture off the road. It gets an off-road-spec custom bumper that holds an electric winch. The headlamps feature protective grilles, and the original wheels have been replaced with bigger units that are shod with off-road tires. This SUV even comes with a snorkel for the decidedly off-road-ready appearance.

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Arya by DC Design

Dc Arya

The Dilip Chhabria-owned design house has given many Indian cars an entirely new visual identity. Like many other SUVs, including the Mahindra XUV500 and the Maruti Vitara Brezza, even the Sierra has gone under DC's scalpel. Dubbed 'Arya', the modified Sierra from DC Design is based on the 4x4 version. It features an entirely new bodyshell and a styling that has little in common with the original version. The design house has used a shortened version of Sierra's chassis, while much of the new body has been fabricated in house, with some parts of the Maruti Esteem been put to use.

Modified Tata Sierra from Gujarat

Modified Tata Sierra Images Gujarat Front Three Qu

This modified Sierra from Gujarat looks quite classy due to the many minor updates it carries. The well-maintained model carries a white base paint scheme and gets a faux wooden stripe on its side profile. This makes the small SUV look quite similar to some of the 'woodie' models of America. The Sierra rides on bigger wheels shod with wider rubber.

Dual-tone modified Tata Sierra from Delhi

Modified Tata Sierra Images Delhi Front Three Quar

Here is a modified Tata Sierra from Delhi that features a custom dual-tone red-black paint scheme. At the front-end, it gets a couple of bumper-mounted fog lamps and red-painted tow hooks. It also features a roof-mounted LED light bar. In the side profile, you'll be quick to notice the black-painted pillars and the new alloy wheels that are shod with really wide all-terrain tires. On the inside, the Sierra gets an all-leather upholstery, a power steering, and electric windows.

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GMC-inspired modified Tata Sierra

Modified Tata Sierra Images Gmc Inspired

GMC is a renowned American carmaker that makes some popular 'trucks' and SUVs. Interestingly, one of the carmaker's models is called the Sierra, which is a good-looking dual-cab pickup truck that is on sale in the USA. Here is a modified Sierra that gets a GMC-inspired nose. Another highlight of the custom SUV is its set of butterfly-type door panels. The interior receives all-leather diamond stitched interiors.

Tata Sierra Pick-Up

Modified Tata Sierra Pick Up Images Rear Three Qua

Here is a Tata Sierra-based pick-up modified by Nu Yard Customs. It features a cropped body with the large fixed rear windows and the C-pillar making way for a loading bed. The front-end gets an off-road spec bumper and a huge bull bar. In the side profile, it gets weird-looking wheel arches and a snorkel. Furthermore, it rides on off-road spec wheels shod with all-terrain tires. The rear gets a red-painted jerry can. The original paint gives way to a custom matte grey finish.

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