Mavox Helmets to launch ECE 22.06 certified, safer helmets in India - IAB Report

30/03/2020 - 18:22 | | Neelanjan Chakraborty

Mavox Helmets is the official helmet supplier to several major two-wheeler OEMs like Suzuki, Revolt motors, Royal Enfield and Ather Energy. The Manesar-based startup has confirmed to that it will be shifting to the new, stricter ECE 22.06 regulations for helmets when the European Union shifts to the new regulations in June 2023. No other helmet manufacturer in India has confirmed to meet these more stringent standards for safer helmets yet.

Mavox Fx 30 Max
The Mavox FX-30 has a starting price tag of INR 2,750 and also comes with a built-in air filter.

The ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) set by the United Nations implemented Regulation 22 in 1972, while Amendment 05 was established in 2000. With the upcoming ECE 22.06 regulations, helmets will need to go through multiple impact absorption tests, including the previously ignored rotational forces. The testing process at present involves a head form with sensors fitted inside a helmet which is then dropped over a metal anvil from a set height. The biggest shortcoming in this test is that it measures impacts only at a designated speed whereas real-world accidents can happen at any given speed.

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The new ECE 22.06 regulations will include multiple impact tests which will take into account the variable speeds. Besides that, the new tests will involve helmets being dropped at an angle of 45 degrees on the anvil.

Speaking exclusively to recently, Ayyushman Mehta, Managing Director of Sandhar-Amkin Industries Pvt Ltd (the parent company of Mavox Helmets), said that the company will move to the new ECE 22.06 regulations as and when they are made applicable in the European Union.

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In addition to confirming ECE 22.06 certified helmets, Mehta talked about the company's current line-up.

Helmets are predominantly the most important accessory that guarantees the safety of two-wheeler riders. We are the youngest helmet manufacturer in India to receive ECE certification and currently manufacture the FX-30 Max series as per the guidelines set in ECE 22.05. Mavox is now focusing on increasing the safety standards and achieving ECE Certification for the entire range.

Mavox Fx 30 On A Motorcycle
The Mavox FX-30 is one of the most affordable helmets in India to meet the European standards (ECE 22.05).

The new ECE 22.06 regulations also take into account provisions for official accessories (including the new fad of Bluetooth communicators) and tinted visors.

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