Maruti Suzuki Cars to Feature NaviMaps to Improve In-Car Navigation

06/07/2022 - 14:30 | Maruti Suzuki,   | IAB Team

Maruti Suzuki has incorporated NaviMaps, powered by Mappls, into its Smartplay Studio infotainment system. NaviMaps delivers a better, safer and innovative approach to in-car navigation with advanced routing algorithms that are integrated with accurate and high-precision 3D maps.

Maruti Suzuki Cars Navi Map

Users get access to features that allow them to browse a map on the dashboard screen; search for places by house number, pin code, Mappls Pin (6-digital short code); quickly browse through a preset list of points of interest (POI) in the vicinity; get speed alerts, traffic signs and junction views; and get up to three alternative routes to the destination.

Maruti Suzuki car owners also get 5 years of free map updates, live traffic information, the ability to update over-the-air (OTA), and free activation of premium NaviMaps features.

Maruti Suzuki Cars Navi Map Ui

Connect, an Android/iOS smartphone app for Maruti Suzuki ‘smart’ cars, lets owners track their four-wheelers remotely. This app is also powered by Mappls, enabling users to view vehicle location, receive alerts when a car enters or leaves a pre-defined area (geo-fencing), and intuitively share trip statistics with contacts. With Connect, users are better informed about their vehicle whereabouts, get driving analytics reports, roadside assistance, and even access features via a smartwatch.

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