Maruti 800: Down but not out

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jiangnan altojiangnan alto

By Kaustubh Shinde

The most iconic workhorse of India has found a new stable in China! The Chinese Auto manufacturer Jiangnan Auto, who ceased producing this car a while ago, sold the rights and manufacturing equipment to Zotye (which, if you don't know, manufactures the RiO SUV, sold by Premier in India)

Zotye now sells the Maruti 800 for as low as 18,000rmb in the Chinese market. That is just over 1 lakh of rupees.

Before Jiangnan Auto, the Suzuki Alto (a.k.a our Maruti 800) has been manufactured in China by so many companies. Many of them don’t even have a legal contract with Suzuki.

But Zotye feels that there is still market at the bottom of the pyramid and the rural parts of China will highly appreciate the product. If things go as planned, it will be the cheapest car available in China. Zotye is also planning on making a sedan out of the Alto's platform.

Will Premier be able to sell the Maruti 800 in India after its phased out, by shipping them as CKDs from Zotye in China?

And check out its dashboard!

Source - China Car Times

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