Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R w/ Akrapovic Exhaust Will Make Your Day [Video]

15/02/2021 - 14:30 | ,  ,  ,   | Utkarsh

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is primarily known for its 249cc in-line 4-cylinder engine. This liquid-cooled motor comes with a DOHC setup and electronic throttle valves. It’s a high-revving engine which is capable of producing a max power of 51PS (with RAM Air) at 15,500rpm and generate a peak torque of 22.9Nm at 14,500rpm. And being an inline 4-pot mill, it also has a delightful stock exhaust note.

Just like for most high-end performance motorcycles, there are numerous aftermarket exhausts available for the Ninja ZX-25R, too. Akrapovic, a world-renowned Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems, also makes dedicated parts for the quarter-litre Ninja. We have stumbled upon a video (embedded above) of the same. Have a listen because this Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R with Akrapovic exhaust will make your day!

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We can see in the video that the Akrapovic exhaust has a carbon-fibre finish. It has been fitted to a black Ninja ZX-25R that has been tied down to a dyno bed for the sound test. As soon as the rider fires up the motorcycle, the loud howl of the exhaust becomes instantly prominent. After letting the bike idle for a couple of seconds, the rider blips the throttle a few times. Then he revs up the machine and quickly shifts into the 6th gear. We can see the Akrapovic exhaust spitting flames a couple of times during upshifts and is insanely loud.

Last year, we did a post about the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R with Yoshimura exhaust. It was also pretty loud. We have embedded that video below. Watch it and let us know out of the two (Akrapovic and Yoshimura) exhaust systems, whose note you like more.

For those who’ve been waiting for the Ninja ZX-25R to arrive here in India, don’t get your hopes high because chances of Kawasaki launch the 250cc inline 4-cylinder motorcycle in our country are, unfortunately, next to none.

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