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18/01/2016 - 15:08 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

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JK Tyre has launched the all new 'Ranger' series, a multi-terrain, high performance SUV tyre, which comes in two variants - RANGER A/T - for all-terrain performance, and RANGER H/T - for tarmac application. Indian Autos Blog was invited to briefly experience the performance of the tyres near Panaji, and here's what we found out.

JK Tyre RANGER A/T and RANGER H/T event
JK Tyre says that the RANGER A/T offers low noise and a long life.

JK Tyre started production in West Bengal in 1974 and are now the leading radial tyre manufacturer in India providing tyres for cars, trucks and buses. With increasing interest in SUVs and the rise in off-roading in India, companies are bringing in their all-terrain and mud-terrain tyres to the market.

JK Tyre launched the Ranger series to pertain to the off-roading community with an effective, reliable yet pocket friendly option. We tested the Ranger A/T tyre fitted to the well known off-roader Mahindra Thar while taking it through an off-road course with a mix of axle-breakers, steep inclines and mud/slush.

Starting with the axle-breakers, the purpose of the exercise was testing the grip and the Ranger A/T tyre has deeper lateral grooves, which translates to more contact patch per inch. Although the car was mostly on three or even two tyres, it glided through the course with minimal driver input and absolutely zero wheel spin.

Next up were the inclines, which test the tire’s grip in addition to the sidewall’s strength as the entire vehicle’s weight shifts to one side. The supreme grip of the Ranger A/T tyres was very confidence inspiring and completed the course with ease.

JK Tyre RANGER A/T and RANGER H/T experience
Hoisted on the RANGER A/T tires, the Mahindra Thar Mahindra Thar was able to easily conquer the axle-breakers, steep inclines and mud/slush.

The course concluded with mud/slush testing the tire’s grip in wet and obvious muddy conditions. The lateral grooves on these tyres have commendable water wading capability and the added deeper grooves provide excellent grip through such sticky situations.

JK Tyre claims that these are the strengths of its new launches -


  • Excellent All Terrain Performance
  • Low Noise and Long Life
  • Deeper Grooves for Supreme Grip
  • Tougher Sidewalls for Tough Journeys


  • Exceptional Control and Stability
  • High Traction Strength on Wet Surface
  • Superior Grooves for Strong Wet Grip
  • Excellent Steering and Handling
  • Quieter Running at High Speeds

You can find more information on the official website and in the press release below.

JK Tyre launches RANGER – The premium range of SUV tyres - Press Release

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