India's First Solar-Powered EV Charging Station Installed in Mumbai

05/05/2022 - 17:00 | Electric vehicles,   | IAB Team

ATUM Charge, India's first 100 percent self-sustaining solar-powered EV charging station, is getting ready to open its newest charging station in Malad (E/W), Mumbai.

Atum Solar Powered Ev Charging Station Mumbai

Following the successful installation of 250 charging stations across the country, Mumbai is to receive its first EV charging station, with a capacity of 5.2KW ATUM Solar Roof - the world's first electricity-generating solar roof, which is patented in India, the United States, and South Africa.

ATUM Charge is creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable eco-system with the launch of its universal EV charging stations, reinforcing the Company's commitment to sustainability.

Atum Solar Powered Ev Charging Station

The ATUM modules installed are 16 nos x 325 WP, generating 24 kWh per day and 8,760 kWh per year. Through this endeavour, the company rescued 51 trees from being felled and reduced CO2 emissions by 4395 kg. ATUM Charge in Malad caters to the youth as it also serves as a convenient new-age co-working space. ATUM Charge offers charging on-the-go. It’s an idyllic setting where one can “Charge. Recharge. Work”.

Commenting on the launch of their newest EV charging station in Malad, Mr Vamsi Gaddam, Joint Managing Director, said:

We are pleased to announce that, with the assistance of our specialists and R&D team, we have added a new chapter to our quest for sustainability in Mumbai, ushering in a new era of the green revolution. We need to be environmentally conscious now more than ever, and opening our new charging station in Mumbai, where people are already very aware and motivated about climate issues, is an excellent first step toward our ultimate goal of a greener, healthier India.

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