India needs Gabor Farkas' Mitsubishi CS concept

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Gabor Farkas Mitsubishi CSGabor Farkas Mitsubishi CS

By Shoeb R Kalania

Every automobile manufacturer wants to have a compact car under its belt and Mitsubishi is no exception. Despite some brilliant products in its arsenal, Mitsubishi has found the going tough in India.

What it needs is a product that can provide it with a big push. This can be achieved with the proposed Eco-Car project if Mitsubishi are able to get the pricing and marketing right. Going by past Mitsubishi products, we will stick our head out and claim the Mitsu Eco car will handle well and will be a treat to drive.

The Eco-Car is planned for Thailand in 2012 and soon thereafter can land in India. Internationally Mitsubishi does have a range of products in the small-car segment but none suitable for India. They are way too expensive, big for India or are outdated and don't stand a chance in the highly competitive marketplace.

What we have here are renderings from digital artist Gábor Farkas of the future Eco-Car. These are only artist illustrations and are not related to the actual car which is expected to premiere in the coming months.

Here's a design analysis of the Farkas' design -

- The front clearly resembles the Lancer EVO X, which gives the car a masculine look (and that is good)
- The lines on the hood flow smoothly to the edges of the windshield from where the car wears a different look.
- The huge vents and the headlamps provide a cunning and unforgiving look.
- The roof line is smooth and sweeps back meeting the fashionably designed tear shaped tail-lamps.
- The rear looks bland when compared to the overall car

Summing up, the concept car looks sporty and provides a very upmarket feel as it shares the looks of a Rs. 50lakh plus car

It would be great to see a 4-door version of this Mitsubishi running on Indian roads.

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