Hyundai increases manpower to cope with i20 sales

30/01/2009 - 19:06 | Hyundai | Dave

100 Trainees called back into the company

Hyundai i20 has been on sale for just a month, the company says the i20 has given Hyundai a wonderful new year, amidst the economic crisis. The i20 which surprised Hyundai with phenomenal record sales, is now spreading good news to employees too. The i20 sales has gone to the extent that Hyundai was forced to recall 100 of its trainees that were discontinued in December due to the ongoing credit crisis. According to the company sources, the demand for its small cars has also revived and it intends to step up its production plans.

"Our i20 model was introduced in the Indian market in December, and has seen over thrice as much demand as we expected," said Hyundai Vice-President (production) Mr.Inderjith. "We have achieved our sales target for three months already.”

Hyundai which earlier cut down its production in October from three shifts to two shifts, now intends to go back to its original production schedule in order to meet the rise in demand. Hyundai had also cut down its training program but now it intends to start the same again as it will need more workers in its production line.

Hyundai’s workers remain as trainees for several years until they are absorbed as permanent employees depending upon the market demand. It currently has 1700 permanent employees on its roll. However, this time it  the 100 trainees who were called back are said to have more than two or three years of experience inside the company.

Source: CarTradeIndia

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