Hyundai i20 debuts ahead of Geneva Motor Show

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The i range from Hyundai gets a new addition. It cannot be called as an all new model but a variant of the present model - the three door version of the i20 hatchback and i have to admit that it looks good. Those curves on the side profile are bold and give it a distinct identity.

Like all modern Hyundais and especially the i-series of cars, the styling of the i20 was done at Hyundai’s European design center in Russelsheim, Germany, and follows the design of its predecessor but with a slightly bigger and more curvaceous body.

Measuring at just 3.94m in length, the three door is exactly as long as the five door which is good as we don't lose out on space at all and hence all the five people can be seated in good comfort. With this much space, the i20 3-door should be better than the Swift 5-door in terms of comfort. 6 airbags, mp3 stereo with USB connection come as standard.

Hyundai i20 3-door Image Gallery

Under the bonnet, we have the popular lineup as found on the i20 5-door - Power comes from three petrol units displacing 1.2L, 1.4L, and 1.6L, and outputting 78hp (58kW), 100hp (75kW), and 126hp (94kW) respectively, as well as a 1.6L common-rail turbodiesel with 115hp (85kW) on tap.

USA will unfortunately not get the i20 but there was some speculation that the i10 could be sold there later only to be false. Part of the reason why these cars cannot be sold there are due to the strict safety standards and diminutive dimensions.

India on the other hand will not get the i20 3-door as it is meant exclusively for the Export market but Hyundai will be better off selling us this model as it is very stylish and makes sense as a limited edition run. Hyundai, please give us this one!

Source : Motor Authority

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