Speculation - After Wagon R and Beat, is it i10 LPG?

20/06/2011 - 18:26 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

By the end of September, Hyundai could bring out the LPG version of the i10, sources have told Indian Autos Blog. Hyundai is an environment-conscious car manufacturer with immense interest in alternate fuel variants. It brought out LPG variants of the Santro and Accent, and the upcoming HA is another candidate for this technology. Hyundai has also showcased the i10 EV at the Auto Expo which it plans to produce in Korea in limited numbers.

Hyundai i10 badge

What has prompted the i10 LPG? The answer is in the blog posts of 2011 - the two main rivals Maruti Wagon R and Chevrolet Beat have received them and with looming petrol prices, market for LPG begins to open up. Hyundai does not have a diesel engine for the i10, it will take them at least till 2013 before one is eligible for market introduction. Fuel efficiency of the i10 can thus only be boosted with LPG.

The i10 LPG will meet BS4 emission norms. The tank size could be between 22-26 liters. Kia offers the Morning (based on the i10) with a Bi-Fuel variant. It uses a different ideology. The fuel tank is about 10 liters, while the underbody-mounted LPG tank can hold 37 liters of LPG. The primary fuel there is LPG while one switches over to petrol when he is range anxious.

This layout will not work in India as LPG availability is still in the developing stage. The chief fuel has to be petrol, while LPG kicks in when the tank is dry.

We'll have to wait for a little while before technical specifications of the i10 LPG is released.

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