Hyundai dealer takes i10 out for banger racing

29/01/2010 - 08:01 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Banger racing is a popular form of racing in the United Kingdom. It is like any other form of racing you're used to. The concept is the winner is one who takes the checkered flag, except for one difference - You try and deliberately knock off your opponents on your way to the finish line. Injuries and deaths have been reported in this type of racing in the past. Not surprising.

While Banger racing is conducted using scrap cars and bunch of dudes who have nothing much to do in life, it is not often you see a new Hyundai i10 taking part in such an event.

In the latest edition of Car Dealer magazine, you will.

It is not clear if the bloke who took a new Hyundai i10 to the banger racing circuit was a dealer, but what's he's done to it is a sight not for the faint hearted. The bumpers have come off, the headlights disappeared. It is not clear if some of the components were removed prior to the race but nevertheless that car looks like it was run over by a tank.

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