Honda unveils Micro Commuter EV with iPad docking facility

15/11/2012 - 12:36 | Honda | Nithyanandh K

Honda conducted a preview of a host of technologies at their R&D center at Tochigi, Japan this month.

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype EV front viewHonda Micro Commuter Prototype EV rear

The Japanese automaker showcased quite a few technologies that would make it to production lines in the future. One such example was the Micro Commuter Prototype EV.

Its precursor 'Micro Commuter Concept' debuted at last year's Tokyo Motor Show.

Known now as the 'Micro Commuter Prototype' now it is a short distance electric commuter which is based on Honda's Variable Design Platform. Its Honda's rival to the Renault Twizzy.

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype EV side viewHonda Micro Commuter Prototype EV instrument console

The ultra compact EV has a city friendly footprint with a 1+2 seating configuration which Honda calls as one parent and two children package. The battery, motor and controller are tucked away under the floor around the rear of the car to improve the space utilization of the cabin.

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype EV driver seatHonda Micro Commuter Prototype EV rear seat

The Micro Commuter measures 2,500 mm in length, 1,250 mm in width and 1,445 mm in height. It's powered by a 15 KW motor which could take the EV to a top speed of 80 kmph. The commuter could travel 60 km on a full charge and it takes less than three hours to charge the battery.

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype EV tabletHonda Micro Commuter Prototype EV charging port

The car has a tablet dock which could make use of the user's tablet as an instrument console as well as a multi function multimedia display with reverse parking camera and audio controls. In case of an absence of the tablet, there is a built-in display which provides vital information like speed, odometer and battery status.

Honda says the Micro Commuter EV's platform could adapt different configuration to make it suitable for many everyday short distance transport needs such as a mini EV delivery vehicle, without being boring to use or look at.


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