Honda looks to pacify existing Civic Hybrid owners

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Honda has recently slashed the price of India’s first hybrid car, which is the biggest discount (40%) in Indian automotive history. The Civic Hybrid is now cheaper by almost Rs 8 lakh (USD 17,000). This puts it at Rs 13.36 (USD 27,000) Lakh instead of its earlier asking price of Rs 21.50 lakh (USD 44,700). That is a significant amount. Mind you though, this offer is open only till December this year.

Honda is now mulling on paying back customers who had bought it at the original price. The car is completely imported, but its sales suffered because of the prohibitive price due to the 105 percent import duty,  company officials claimed, adding discounts were temporary.

“People have been asking whether existing customers who bought it at the higher price may be compensated and we may take a call on it,” the company spokesperson said.

“We are however not duty bound to do it as we did check with our lawyers whether there is anything illegal with the discount and were told that pricing is completely a manufacturer's decision.”

Honda says that the discount has revived interest in the car, since over 100 units being despatched to dealers in just two days. Honda has already exhausted the first consignment of nearly 200 hybrids and a second shipment is on its way.

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Image Gallery

Source: Hindustan Times

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