Honda Brio Amaze - First images from the launch

23/11/2012 - 15:04 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

Honda Thailand has just unveiled the Brio Amaze and while waiting for high resolution images and official details in English, we found a few photographs that we felt are worth sharing.

Honda Brio Amaze live picturesHonda Brio Amaze live side viewHonda Brio Amaze live front three quarters

The brochure uploaded on the Thai site is written in their language. Due to the heavy traffic from curious auto enthusiasts and would-be sedan buyers, the website has slowed down considerably.

Honda Brio Amaze dashboardHonda Brio Amaze Studio shot interior

We were notified by readers of a couple of Facebook uploads from Headlight Magazine and Formula Magazine that can present you with how the proportions match up away from the bright studio lights.

Honda Brio Amaze Studio shot front three quarterHonda Brio Amaze Studio shot rear three quarter

The Brio Amaze's boot has been integrated into the C Pillar in a very cohesive manner, we think Honda has done it better than Suzuki, who had to cram in a boot to make the Dzire qualify as a small car.

Honda Brio Amaze boot spaceHonda Brio Amaze Studio shots red body color

Honda Brio Amaze Thai prices (1 baht = 1.8 rupees)

  • S M/T 454,000 Baht
  • S A/T 493,000 Baht
  • V M/T 482,000 Baht
  • V A/T 521,000 Baht

There is no update from Honda India yet on the launch of the Brio Amaze. We should soon learn the management's views on this launch.

Honda Brio Amaze door ajarHonda Brio Amaze Studio shot rear three quarters

When the testing of the Brio Amaze begins, we're bound to see spyshots that can reveal India-specific changes, if there are indeed any.

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