Honda 2Wheelers Establishing Dedicated EV Manufacturing Facility

29/03/2023 - 16:12 | Honda Motorcycles,   | IAB Team

Honda 2Wheelers has announced its EV roadmap for the Indian market revealing its plans regarding the electric two-wheelers in our country. The company has disclosed that it is establishing a dedicated EV manufacturing facility in India meet the production demand.

A specialized manufacturing facility Factory E is being established at HMSI’s Narsapura Plant in Karnataka. This factory will exclusively focus on the production of electric vehicles and has been designed to optimize production with high effeciency and maximum production value.

In line with the government's "Make in India" and localization directives, Honda's EV will utilize domestically manufactured components such as batteries and PCU. The motor for HMSI’s EV will be designed and produced in-house by Honda.

Additionally, the factory plays a significant emphasis on sustainability, with an 80% sustainable material ratio and close to 100% renewable energy rate. The advanced automated facility will ramp up in a stage wise manner to produce 1 million EV units by 2030.

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