Hero Xpulse Xperience Centre Opens, 100 Xpulse Rally Edition Delivered

30/08/2022 - 16:22 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Hero MotoCorp has opened a first-of-its-kind Xpulse Xperience Centre in India. Also, on its inauguration, the company delivered the first 100 Hero Xpulse 200 4V rally edition motorcycles to the customers.

Hero Xpulse Xperience Center

Set up at the Big Rock Dirt Park on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the state-of-the-art Xpulse Xperience Centre with curated biking tracks and infrastructure is designed to provide an unmatched off-road bike training experience to Xpulse 200 4V owners and enthusiasts. Hero MotoCorp will set up more Xpulse Xperience Centres in other cities across the country in a phased manner.

The Xpulse Xperience Centre will have renowned trainers and a well-rounded curriculum focused on building the skills, knowledge and personality required to be an expert off-road biker. At the first center in Bengaluru, participants will have the prized opportunity to be trained by the Indian ace, CS Santosh.

The facility complies with all safety norms as prescribed by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), and has designated marshals and the necessary medical infrastructure as per the guidelines.

Hero Xpulse 200 4v Rally Edition First 100 Deliver

The Xpulse Xperience Centre offers three training programs – Basic: Start the Xpulse, Intermediate: Feel the Xpulse, Advanced: Conquer the Xpulse. Spread over varying time durations, the programs will provide riding skills of increasing difficulty levels, depending on the program chosen by the participant.

Participants will be coached on key riding skills like - Off-Road setup, Body Posture, Slalom and Braking, Incline & Decline, Fallen Bike Recovery, Balance Points, Garage Turns, Brake Slide, Walk the Bike and more.

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