Hero Hunter Super Oga Campaign Concludes in Nigeria

08/03/2022 - 22:15 | Hero Motocorp,   | IAB Team

Hero MotoCorp has announced and felicitated the winners of the first-of-its-kind ‘Hero Hunter Super Oga’ motorcycle campaign in Nigeria.

Hero Hunter Super Oga Campaign Nigeria

Showcasing the superior capability and endurance of the Hero Hunter, 100 participants clocked over 2.7 million kilometers in a mere 60 days of the campaign. The first season of Super Oga saw seven winners who clocked more than 29,000 kms each. Three winners rode away with seven Hero Hunter motorcycles each, while the other four winners received four Hero Hunter motorcycles each. The other 86 participants were handed over the motorcycles on which they participated.

The Super Oga competition was started in December 2021 in five states of Nigeria including Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara and Gombe with 20 contestants per state. Each Hero Hunter motorcycle was fitted with a GPS device to capture real-time information on the distance and location of the riders.

Hero MotoCorp launched the Hero Hunter, in Nigeria in 2021. It offers the most durable inclined engine with Advance Oil Circulation Technology, Highest Fuel Efficiency, and Triple Air Filtration for longer engine life. With reinforced chassis structure the motorcycles also offer a stronger rear shock absorber, rubber padded gear shift lever with all down gear pattern, comfortable flat thick seat, and a flat rear carrier.

The Hunter’s engine is equipped with a Trochoid-type crankshaft-driven oil pump which ensures a constant oil flow rate of 3.14 Litres/minute. The internal oil galleries are designed to secure and protect oil flow without any hindrance. The area near the combustion chamber has less height difference to ensure high oil flow and optimum cooling. This advanced oil circulation technology ensures better cooling and lubrication of the engine.

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