Hero Duet vs Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter - Comparo

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Both the new Hero scooters claim higher mileage than the other 110 cc scooters.

Hero MotoCorp has unveiled the Hero Duet and launched the Hero Maestro Edge in India. Both being powered by the same 110.9 cc engine, here is a technical specification and price comparison of them against their competition in the market which includes the Honda Activa-i, Honda Activa 3G, Mahindra Gusto, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Lets and the Yamaha Ray.

Hero Duet Hero Maestro Edge Honda Activa-i Honda Activa 3G Mahindra Gusto TVS Jupiter Suzuki Lets Yamaha Ray specs comparison

The Hero Duet and the Maestro Edge are the first scooters to be powered by Hero MotoCorp's self-developed engine. With a displacement of 110.9 cc, the engine capacity is an average of the rivals', with the Yamaha Ray having the largest at 113 cc, and the Honda Activa-i having the smallest at 109.19 cc.

The performance on paper is also on par, with 8.43 PS of maximum power and 8.30 Nm of peak torque, on both the new models. The Suzuki Let's has the highest output in the segment, of 8.7 PS and 9 Nm, while the Yamaha Ray has the lowest power rating, of 7.1 PS.

The mileage of the new Hero models stand highest in the 110 cc scooter segment, with the Hero Duet delivering 63.8 km/l and the Hero Maestro Edge claiming 65.8 km/l. The Yamaha Ray is the least fuel efficient on paper, with a mileage of 53 km/l.

Most of the scooters in this comparison ride on 10-inch wheels, while only the Mahindra Gusto and the TVS Jupiter are offered with 12-inch rims.

The Maestro Edge has the tallest seat, with saddle height measuring 775 mm, while most of the scooters here have seats placed at 765 mm from ground. The Mahindra Gusto is the first and only scooter with height-adjustable seat, that can be varied from 735-770 mm, with 735 mm being the lowest of all.

In terms of price, the Hero Duet is not available yet, and the Maestro Edge is priced at INR 49,500 for LX and INR 50,700 for VX. The Mahindra Gusto is the most affordable scooter, priced at INR 44,850 for the low-end model (without seat adjustment), while the Suzuki Let's is the dearest, at INR 51,675 (all prices, ex-showroom New Delhi).

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