Eye Candy- Yamaha FZ16 photo gallery

12/10/2008 - 14:22 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The FZ16 carries on to describe Yamaha's intention in India. It looks and performs far better than any of the other 150 cc bikes and stands second to the R15 with which it shares space at Yamaha's dealership.

The FZ16 incorporates technology that intrigues even the average man. Take for instance the engine, which was particularly designed for application on the FZ, and with its 9,500 redline RPM, things get slightly hazy the moment you twist the grip. When one arrives at  the carburetor, which is a negative pressure type, the idea behind the FZ becomes that much more clear- Speed and more of it. It utilizes a butterfly valve which acts as a gate for the fuel entering the chamber. Fuel is metered more precisely and the response is way ahead of its competition.

One can go on and on about its appearance, but the elements which stand out are the triangular headlamps and chunky tailpipe. Just like the Honda Unicorn, the FZ exercises a mono-suspension setup at the rear which is a strut (hydraulic damper and coil spring working in sync). On board readouts, which consist of of the speedo, tacho and fuel gauge are all digital.

The IAB team appreciates Shankar (a Yamaha fanatic himself) for sending us these snaps. IAB always stresses on sensible and responsible riding. Ride safe and ride with a smile :)

IAB Comment- Simple. We're in love with the FZ16.

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