Video - Watch Lord Paul Drayson's World Record Breaking 327km/h EV Run

28/06/2013 - 14:53 | Specials | Anjan Ravi

The FIA World Land Speed Record was broken yesterday by Lord Paul Drayson of Drayson Racing. The earlier record which stood at 175mph (280km/h), was set over 39 years ago!

[Head to YouTube if you're unable to view the video above.]

The Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le Mans Prototype (or Lola if you want to call it that) achieved a top-speed of 204.185mph (about 327km/h) at the RAF Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, England. The 'green goblin' weighs a mere 1000-kg which can be considered 'feather light' for an electric car.

It has a 30-kWh battery and LM P1 Michelin tires were used.

Lord Paul Drayson of Drayson Racing after the record run -

I'm delighted we've beaten the record tonight and can show the world EVs can be fast and reliable. It is not the outright speed of 204.185mph that is most impressive about this record, but the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1000kg electric vehicle on a short runway over a measured mile.

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