IAB Exclusive - India's first supercar DC Avanti caught testing in Pune!

07/12/2012 - 13:57 | ,  ,   | Nithyanandh K

DC Avanti caught testing for the first time in IndiaThis is probably the first time ever a supercar was caught testing in India!

Of course, it has to be since the DC Avanti is the first Indian supercar.

Our avid reader Mr. Kiran Manjal has spotted a test mule of the DC Avanti on the Spine road in Pune which is not very far from DC's workshop. The supercar was totally undisguised at the rear except for the DC logo. From the rear, the car is exactly the same as the concept that was brought to the Auto Expo this year.

Kiran mentioned in his note that the front of the car had white camouflage and the rear of the car had 'On Test' sticker although the words are not visible in the photograph. The car looks outlandish among the other cars on Indian roads and hence it is very easy to spot one.

DC was founded by ace Indian car designer Dilip Chhabria who is credited with designing the famous Tarzaan wonder car. His company specializes in bespoke interior and exterior modification of cars. The DC Avanti is touted to be the first Indian supercar and premiered at the Delhi Auto Expo earlier this year.

The Avanti has the prime ingredient or a must-have in a supercar - an eyeball grabbing design. The car is powered by Ford's 2 litre Ecoboost engine.

The mid mounted, turbocharged, direction injection petrol motor puts out a healthy 240 bhp which according to the company can propel this 1,562 kg supercar from 0 to 100 kmph in under 7 seconds with the help of 6-speed manual transmission.

With a double wishbone suspension and humongous 19" wheels, the DC Avanti is not a supercar wannabe, but it indeed is 'an Indian supercar' by it's own rights. With an Ecoboost engine under the bonnet, it promises to be fuel economical as well!

The Avanti is no match to the high-end Lamborghini Aventador or a Porsche Boxster which is perhaps India's cheapest sportscar, but for about 30 lakh rupees, the Avanti is the only creation of its kind.

When we caught up with the man behind the Avanti, Mr Dilip Chhabria himself, at the unveiling of the Tornado concept in Mumbai back in late September, he conveyed that development of the car was on track and deliveries would begin in October 2013. DC said he's already received a "substantial" amount of orders and homologation would begin in March 2013.

DC confirmed that the Avanti would be produced in a limited run. The company is targeting to spin out 300 examples in the next financial year at its new plant in Pune, which can be extended to a maximum annual capacity of 2,000 units.

DC could launch the car at a price of Rs. 25-30 lakhs, making it a very tempting object to own. The Avanti may not handle like its on rails, but it'll get you more eyeballs than a humdrum Mercedes or BMW sedan that you will buy for the same price.

Can DC silence the critics by make a durable supercar that does not face teething troubles or need frequent visits to the workshop?

All the best DC!

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