Bumper to Bumper - Which future Tata Nano Variant will be profitable?

17/12/2012 - 16:50 | Tata Nano | Shrawan Raja

Tata Nano is a car which has lots of thorns along its path right from the very beginning.

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The little hatchback which was introduced as the world's most affordable car had been in the new for both good and bad reasons. Let's see what lies ahead for the little Tata.

Tata recently offered a limited edition Nano for the Diwali which offered Rs. 25,000 worth accessories at no additional costs and even the 2012 Nano which was significantly improved than the previous model came with no price hike, which means Tata Motors is not getting as much sales volume from the car as expected.

The year ahead may bring some solace to the India's largest automaker since two exciting variants of Nano are lined up. Tata has announced a CNG and a diesel variant of the car which is expected to offer a significant boost to the sales.

The diesel variant could have a twin cylinder 800 turbocharged intercooled engine whose fuel economy will be around 30 kmpl. There is also a future third variant in the works which will have a bigger petrol engine, may be displacing around 800cc, possibly with a 5-Speed transmission. It could be positioned in the Alto 800 territory.

So, which variant do you think will make the Nano more profitable and provide the carmaker a renewed confidence to continue improving the Nano?

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