Bajaj will bring out the world's most fuel efficient engine series DTS-Si 2.0

23/06/2009 - 22:11 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja


Coinciding with the launch of new 220 DTSi, Bajaj today announced that it is going to roll out the world’s most fuel efficient engine series, called DTS-Si version 2.0, which incorporates 5 major innovations.

Designed and developed completely by ‘Ahead’, Bajaj Auto’s R&D, major changes include Oval Pent Roof Combustion Chamber for maximizing charge density; Molykote Piston to reduce friction and improve efficiency.

The DTS-Si version 2.0, which incorporates 5 major innovations could make it  the most fuel efficient engine not only in India but also the world as Bajaj claims.

Designed and developed by ‘Ahead,’ the technology will be the driving force behind the World’s most fuel-efficient two-wheeler which is to be launched next month. Bajaj had drastically revised the first engines on the Pulsar motorcycle with the launch of the DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark-ignition) line-up in 2003. The twin spark setup helps achieve better combustion.

In 2007 things got better with the DTS-i engine improvised to form the DTS-Si engine (Digital Twin Spark-Swirl induction) which helped deliver both gas mileage without affecting performance.

Features of the new Bajaj DTS-Si version 2.0

  • Improved DTS-Si engine for faster combustion and better efficiency.
  • Oval Pent Roof Combustion Chamber for maximizing charge density in the flame propagation path to achieve near complete combustion with lean air fuel ratios.
  • Molykote Piston reduces the friction and improves engine efficiency.
  • ExhausTEC to deliver more torque and reduce gear changes in city driving.
  • 5-speed transmission to ensure that the engine runs in the most efficient driving zone.

S. Sridhar, CEO, Bajaj Auto 2-Wheelers-

”We will offer customers an unbeatable value proposition with the launch of the world’s most fuel efficient bike. As fuel is the single major cost of running and operating a 2-wheeler we believe that this vehicle will have a huge appeal and relevance for the cost conscious customer.”

The first product, powered by this technology, is expected to be launched in July 2009. Bajaj, which has lost market share to every other player in the two wheeler market (including TVS, Yamaha, Hero Honda) is pipped to gain some back with this launch. But it won’t be easy either as TVS is also readying the launch of its 3 valve, twin spark SR125 motorcycle also in July.

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