Here's a Hilarious Drag Race Between Bajaj Qute And a Bicycle - VIDEO

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If you are a regular reader of IAB, you'd know that we simply love drag races. We have featured several drag races on our website over time, mostly with cars and SUVs of a similar nature. However, this time, we have a very bizarre set of wheels lined up against each other for a straight-line race - a quadricycle vs a bicycle. More specifically speaking, the quadricycle taking part here in this race is a homegrown Bajaj Qute. This drag race was staged by South Africa's Cars and the results were indeed pretty hilarious.

But before we go ahead, here's a little background to the Bajaj Qute. The Bajaj Qute might have four wheels, but it isn't governed by the same set of regulations as other 'cars' in our country. As such, it does not classify as a car but instead, it's a quadricycle. The Bajaj Qute was first showcased in concept form at the 2012 Auto Expo, and after a long gestation period of 6 years, it was launched in the market in 2018, only allowed to be registered as a commercial vehicle. It was also pulled off the market very soon as we transitioned into the BS6 era.

Bajaj Qute during unveil in India
The Bajaj Qute qualifies as a quadricycle and was on sale very briefly in the Indian market as a commercial vehicle.

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That said, the Bajaj Qute continues to be on sale in markets like South Africa, which is why it has been featured here in this drag race. Coming back to drag race, let's address the specifications of each of the two contenders. The bicycle is being piloted by Ashley Oldfield, the publication's resident racing driver, who also happens to be a prolific cyclist. They reckon he can muster about 1.6hp of power, being sent to the rear wheels. And that's about it. Meanwhile, the Bajaj Qute is powered by a 216cc single cylinder engine that produces 13.2hp and 18.9Nm. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed sequential gearbox with power being sent to the rear wheels. Top-speed is rated at 70kph.

Bajaj Qute Vs Bicycle Drag Race
In the first round of the drag race, the bicycle hilariously wins over the Bajaj Qute by a huge margin.

To represent real world performance, the Bajaj Qute is even loaded with four passengers. As they get on with the drag race, the bicycle gets a much better start than the quadricycle and it quickly builds up a lead. Meanwhile, the Qute can be seen struggling right from the onset, massively let down by its weight. Through the course of the drag race, the cyclist continues to widen the gap even further. The Qute, meanwhile, even with its throttle pinned to the floor, is unable to reel in on the cyclist. In the end, the bicycle wins with a commanding lead over the quadricycle for a truly hilarious result.

Bajaj Qute Vs Bicycle Drag Race 2
The Bajaj Qute was able to save some honor in the second round by narrowly winning the race due to reduced weight.

The folks at Cars decided to give it another attempt, this time with two lesser passengers, perhaps to redeem some honor for the Qute. In the second attempt, the bicycle still gets a better start and marches ahead into the lead while the Bajaj Qute was still struggling to gain some momentum. Half way down the course, this time with less weight, the Baja Qute manages to reel in on the cyclist. After being in the lead for three-quarters of the race, the Qute finally overtakes the cyclist to take win in the second round. So there you have it - the most hilarious and unique drag race that has ever been featured on IAB.

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