Tata Safari Breaks Down on Delivery Day, Customer Service Blocks Owner

27/05/2021 - 14:30 | ,  ,  ,   | Utkarsh

The new Tata Safari has found several homes since it was launched earlier this year. However, it seems that not all owners are having a pleasant experience with their newly purchased SUV. Here’s an incident reported by a 2021 Tata Safari owner who appears to be distraught by the multiple issues he’s been facing with the vehicle since the time of delivery.

The model in question here is the 2021 Tata Safari XZA+ that currently retails at INR 21.61 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The owner reports that he’s been facing issues with the SUV since day one. At the time of the delivery, the vehicle failed to start and didn’t recognise the smart key as it was “out of range”. To fix the issue, the smart key battery was replaced but to no avail. Eventually, the car was jump-started with the help of a Tata Harrier that was parked at the dealership.

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The owner finally drove his brand-new Tata Safari out of the dealership. Unfortunately, after a few hours, the SUV started to behave inappropriately and several warnings such as “Transmission System Malfunction”, “Drive System Malfunction” appeared on the MID. Also, the reverse camera didn’t work when it should have. It started to function when the car is put in Drive mode.

2021 Tata Safari Transmission Malfunction

The new Tata Safari is then towed back to the dealership. The personnel scanned the vehicle to find the source of the problem which was eventually reported as an electric short circuit behind the glovebox and was taken care of. The owner test drove the car and found the issues to be resolved. However, a couple of days later, he noticed that the reverse camera is turning on when the vehicle is being driven forward. He notified the service centre and his Safari was picked up. Once again, the problem was fixed and the car was returned, however, the owner wasn’t told what exactly went wrong.

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Due to the lockdown restrictions in the area, the owner didn’t drive his new Tata Safari for several days. When he eventually fired up the engine, the MID showed more warnings like “Auto-Hold Malfunction”, “Hill-Hold Control Malfunction”, “Drive Mode Malfunction” and whatnot. The car simply refused to switch gears, too. After the issue was raised, a sales representative checked the vehicle and confirmed the existence of a problem. However, the car couldn’t be towed to the service centre because of the lockdown in place.

2021 Tata Safari Owner Email Blocked

It’s certainly concerning why such issues are present in a brand-new vehicle. The owner even tried to contact the customer service head regarding the matter, however, his email was blocked. Also, it's not really unusual for Tata Safari and Harrier, which are totally modern offerings in all aspects, to be plagued by such niggles. Do you too own a 2021 Tata Safari? If yes, have you faced any similar problems with your car? Let us know in the comments. Also, what do you have to say about this particular incident? Drop a comment below.

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