Audi R4: Will it hit the production line?

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Speculation has it that the Audi R4 (a.k.a. baby R8) is the ongoing hot topic in the Audi Conference room. Which is very true because, Audi has green-lighted its plans to produce an R4 model, months after it was supposedly put on hold by VW’s new Porsche overlords. The mid-engined R4 will slot above the Audi TT but steer clear of the R8’s performance territory. The R4’s styling will also be highly reminiscent of the R8, including LED headlights, similar air intakes and the same overall body lines.

The Audi R4 will be a driver-focused two-seater with a price of around £35,000 (40- 50Lakhs app).

To spread the cost of the R4’s development, Porsche will use the car’s architecture as the foundation for the next-generation Porsche Cayman and Boxster. The next-gen Porshces will likely bow before the R4, with the Audi model hitting the market sometime in 2011.
It’s the result of a rumoured joint venture with Porsche – so the project will produce a new platform to underpin Coupé and Roadster versions of the R4, and also provide the basis for the next Boxster and Cayman. It’s these core sellers in the Porsche line-up that the R4 will target.

The new Audi R4 takes all of its visual inspiration from the R8 supercar, the LED lights, deep air intakes and a sweeping profile. But this similarity is no coincidence. The Porsche joint venture is all part of Audi’s plan to launch a range of R-badged sports cars, which will follow in the wake of the range-topper.

Audi also plans an R6 to rival Jaguar’s new E-Type replacement and the Porsche 911, plus an R10 model based on the V12 TDI R8 diesel concept. Of course, just Audi does'nt take all benefits, Porsche will be able to share Audi’s engines and reduce the costs associated with developing a new platform.

Audi R4 Renderings

Source: Greman Car Blog

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