All-New Nissan Magnite Sub-4 Metre SUV Officially Unveiled

16/07/2020 - 18:45 | ,  ,  ,   | Karan

After all the teasers of the all-new Nissan Magnite, the company has finally unveiled the complete car at its Global debut. While pictures released by Nissan earlier showed us just a few glimpses of the car from certain angles, new pictures reveal the complete picture. Styled with the same edgy creases and bold lines as the Nissan Kicks, the new Magnite sub-4 metre SUV will definitely be turning a lot of heads with its dynamic styling.

2021 Nissan Magnite Front Profile Image
The Nissan Magnite has all the right styling ingredients to make heads turn.

At the front, the new Nissan Magnite gets a trapezoid-shaped grille, which is surrounded by a silver;finished bezel. Below the grille, you get a one-piece black plastic panel and a faux skid plate right below that. The grille is flanked on either side by sleek, wrap-around tail lights which have a unique glow pattern. Other highlights include L-shaped DRL strips on the bumpers and a sculpted hood design. Look at its side profile, Nissan has designed each side to accentuate its sporty character. Here, you find a floating-type roof effect, blacked-out ORVMs, gloss back cladding over the wheel arches, chrome handlebars, blacked-out side skirts with silver inserts and a 5-petal, two-tone alloy wheel design. Here too, the overall bold styling continues with flared out fenders and the addition of roof rails.

2021 Nissan Magnite Side Profile Image
The Nissan SUV lineage can be clearly seen in the Magnite's silhouette.

While the front and side profile are good looking in their own right, we feel the Nissan Magnite’s rear styling has to be its best angle. The design at the back is unlike any we’ve seen in an Nissan model and will certainly grab a lot of eyeballs. The tail lamps are extremely pronounced, get LED lighting and are designed to extend all the way to the rear quarter panels. Other highlights here include a blacked-out spoiler, a pronounced lip, blacked-out bumpers with silver inserts and a silver-plated faux skid plate.

2021 Nissan Magnite Rear Profile Image
Edgy creases and bold lines define the Nissan Magnite's menacing character.

The Nissan magnite will be based on the company’s CMF-A+ platform, an evolution of what you would find underpinning the Renault Kwid and Triber. In terms of performance, unconfirmed reports suggest that the company would offer options to choose from - a 1.0litre three-cylinder making 72bhp/96Nm and a 1.0-litre turbocharged unit which could develop 95bhp. While the launch date of the Nissan Magnite is not official, sources say that the company is looking at launching the car by 2021.

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