2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Reviewed by Foreign Media

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The 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa was one of the highly awaited motorcycles of the year. While it was launched in India in late April, it was made available in the global markets much earlier. It would be a while before the Indian auto journalists get to test the new model of The Falcon. So, until then, here’s a first ride video review of the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa by foreign media.

The first impression of the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa is that it’s a fairly huge motorcycle. It weighs 264kg, however, you don’t feel the weight once you are astride the machine. That’s how well Suzuki has managed the weight distribution. The riding stance is demanding but not as much as a proper, track-oriented, litre-class sportbike. Yes, you will feel discomfort and pain while riding the new Hayabusa for a longer duration but covering long distances on it should also be doable.

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Coming to the sheer power of the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa. Its 1340cc in-line 4-cylinder engine produces 187bhp of max power at 9700rpm and 150Nm of peak torque at 7000rpm. However, the power delivery isn’t too aggressive and abrupt as you will find in most of today’s litre-class sportbikes. It doesn’t mean that the new ‘Busa isn’t fast. It is ridiculously fast. But it accelerates in a linear fashion taking you to some serious triple-digit speeds without throwing you off.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Lean Left

The Suzuki Hayabusa has always been famous for attaining unbelievable fast speeds in a blink of an eye. And the latest iteration of the motorcycle continues to do so. It is capable of achieving a top speed of around 300km/h. And for such a fast machine, Suzuki has provided a top-of-the-line braking system. In fact, the new Hayabusa also comes with various advanced electronics like power mode selector, traction control, engine brake control, launch control, cruise control, anti-lift control system, and whatnot.

The 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa should appeal to people who have been riding sportbikes for years. They aren’t ready to switch to adventure motorcycles, however, still want to stick to sportbike riding but without the aggressive nature of today’s litre-class machines. The new Hayabusa looks like a sensible motorcycle, and it is, but it can still do lunatic things and bring out the child in you. So, if you’re buying it, ensure that you have good self-control.

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