2015 Mercedes E-Class is built out of superlight material

31/10/2011 - 07:11 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

The next generation Mercedes E-Class will shed about 350kg AutoBild.de has reported. Light weight is achieved by the substituting of carbon fiber in its body. Instead of steel or aluminium alloy, select parts of the car are made using this material, usually associated with supercars and F1 racing cars.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe sketch

Expected during 2014-15, the thematic inspiration is likely to be the CLS Class. The carbon fiber brings along extra rigidity, leaving designers with more freedom. They could install gullwing doors as it allows the deletion of the B-Pillar from its structure. Given the E-Class is a business saloon, the upward opening doors options could be provided alongside the regular 4- and 2-door formats and is not expected to be a standard feature.

The Indian scene for the E-Class is bright and sunny with the cheaper E220 CDI preparing for a December debut. Mercedes has not stopped with the 4-door E-Class for the Indian market. It brought in the Coupe, Convertible and in December 2011 dives into the corporate edition pool to pump up the numbers.

For meeting strict emission standards in the coming years, Mercedes is planning fuel cell and petrol hybrid variants on the next gen E-Class. For a start, Mercedes has made the best possible move with the emission-friendly, light-weight carbon fiber structure that consumes less fuel during motion.

Image - Sketch of the current generation E-Class Coupe

[Source - AutoBild.de]

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