IAB Report - 2014 Mercedes S Guard to be introduced next year

21/09/2013 - 11:55 | ,   | Anjan Ravi

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S Guard variant would be introduced next year. The S Guard is essentially the armor plated, bullet-proof S Class sought by many high-ranking politicians, diplomats and businessmen. In India, Mercedes will sell you the S Guard (not the 2014 model as even the regular lineup is yet to be launched here) and the S 600 Pullman Guard. In fact, our country's president gets an S 600 Pullman Guard.

Armoured door of the Mercedes M-Guard armoured SUV
Mercedes-Benz's 'Guard' division deals with armor plated vehicles such as the M Guard and the S Guard.

As our source mentions, the 2014 S Guard will be heavier by at least 1 tonne thanks to the 'VR4' grade of armor protection, which resists bullets and hand grenades. The run flat tires reinforced with steel, would offer at least a range of 30km even when a bullet penetrates them.

The suspension, brakes and the body structure would be completely revised for the additional 1 tonne plus weight. However, cabin comforts and driving assistance programs such as the Air Package, Magic Body Control, reclining rear seats etc., would continue to be offered.

Right - Transeco 2014 Mercedes S Class Front
This is the Transeco S Class which weights 1,000kg more than the conventional S Class and offers CEN B7 grade of armor protection.

Even though the S Guard variant from Mercedes is still months away, after-market companies specializing in armor protection such as Transeco (a German based armored vehicles maker based in the city of Bremen) have already come out with their versions of the armored S Class. The company will start selling their S Guard next year and have the option of worldwide deliveries.

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