Video: BMW talks about the updates to the 2012 X6

03/07/2012 - 09:00 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

The existence of the BMW X6 is certainly questionable but the success of the model isn’t. It made the rivals Mercedes and Audi to go back to the drawing board to create new models to challenge this new concept.

If you remember, we've told you all about the Mercedes MLC and the Audi Q6 that take a leaf out of BMW's book.

The X6 is marketed as a sports activity coupe, a car that visually combines the muscle of an SUV and the slipperiness of a coupe. The weird combination has worked, if you refer to the volume BMW has shifted in the last three years.

Recently, BMW provided a slight nip and tuck job to the X6 for 2012. We have covered all the updates in a previous article. Here is a video where the Bavarian giant is explaining all the updates to the 2012 BMW X6.

BMW India is yet to officially launch the 2012 BMW X6 as India's not a primary market for this kind of vehicle.

So time to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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