Logan to be replaced by "new range pretty soon"

27/10/2009 - 06:56 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Up to 75% of the next Logan could be designed in Romania

We don't understand Renault's strategy in India, and thus cannot connect this story to our country.

Dacia, the low-cost car maker from Romania known for manufacturing the Logan (sold as Renault in countries like India) will replace the Logan range (Logan, Sandero hatch, MCV station wagon, pick-up) very soon with new set of vehicles.

With its cost-conscious attire, Logan was introduced 2004 in select European countries. Seeing numbers and positive reaction generated, it was then decided to manufacture the low-cost vehicle in other parts of the world including India. The Logan borrows a large chunk of components from Renault cars. Flat doors, symmetrical mirrors and low electronics content was intentional to send it through to outlets at rock-bottom price tags.

Dacia vice-president Constantin Stroe -

Logan is to stay for a few years, but it is going to be replaced by another range. A new family of cars will follow the Logan. All the people talk about Logan. Nice, but Logan has a short life. Dacia is perennial, Logan is changeable. Something else will follow the Logan, because its lifespan comes to an end in a few years time.

The Logan was never intended to be sold in India even though Dacia's engineering team deriving inspiration from the Tata Indigo.

Source - Financiarul Romania

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