Zomato Using Ather Electric Scooter For Deliveries, 30 Units Deployed in Ahmedabad

16/11/2023 - 18:07 | ,   | IAB Team

Zomato has started using Ather electric scooters for delivering food to its customers. 30 units of the EV has already been deployed in Ahmedabad.

Zomato Ather Electric Scooter Delivery

Building on the successful partnership with Zomato, BLive, India's top multi-brand EV platform, deploys 30 Ather EVs for Zomato deliveries in Ahmedabad, continuing the mission to expand their EV fleet across 20 Indian cities. This evolution reflects the shared commitment to sustainability and reducing the delivery ecosystem's carbon footprint, promoting a shift from conventional vehicles to eco-friendly EVs.

BLive addresses the EV scarcity by offering end-to-end solutions for last-mile delivery companies like Zomato. Primarily focusing on Tier II cities, BLive aims to bridge the supply gap and fulfill the demands of last-mile delivery services. The strategic partnership with Zomato, initiated in July, launched the EV initiative in Hyderabad with an initial fleet, marking a significant step toward the future of sustainable food delivery in India.

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