Report - Waku-Doki comes to NCR

09/10/2012 - 23:16 | ,   | Gaurav Malik

After its success in the south, Gurgaon welcomes the Toyota Etios Motor Racing (EMR) series with 25 rookie racers participating in the 'Race of Champions' event.

Toyota Wako-Doki GurgaonToyota Wako-Doki Etios

Toyota selected these 25 competitors from all over India who will now compete with each other in a racing series next year.

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We got a chance to sit beside one of the drivers in the Etios race car and lap the makeshift Autocross Circuit. Although the lap was short, we could easily feel the difference between the road-going and the race-spec Etios.

The slick tyres, race suspension and exhaust, and an empty cabin lead to a roll-free, neck-wrenching ride. The go-kart like turning abilities of the race-spec Etios helped shorten the lap time. Check out the video to understand the experience.

Toyota Wako-Doki SUVsToyota Wako-Doki LC incline

On the other side was the SUV zone, and the star of this show was the Land Cruiser V8. The track consisted of two parts - a part where you will be driven by an expert and the part where you can drive your own Toyota SUV under expert guidance.

Hurdles in the form of an axle-breakers, pits, steep elevations and deep puddles tried to bring the Land Cruiser down, but it proved to be just another day in the office for the big guy. Check out the video below to experience it first-hand virtually.

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Toyota Etios Motor Racing (EMR) SUV zone Image Slideshow

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