VW Jetta TDI - Sold out in the U.S

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The U.S Auto market is opening up slowly, but steadily towards the favour of economical diesel cars. Introduced in August, VW has sold out this year’s allocation of about 1,300 Jetta TDi 'clean' diesels. This is a clear indication of fuel economy reigning supreme even in markets like the U.S. "Although Volkswagen promotes the fuel efficiency of its diesels, we are not competing with Prius," said Stefan Jacoby, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.

We have witnessed from a previous post on Jetta's World record that this car is capable of a 26kmpl mileage, the sales record in USA has just supplemented this fact. For prospective buyers who seek a potent luxury sedan, why not consider the Jetta? After all, its the perfect blend of Quality, performance, German Common-sense, and unbelievable economy - its one of the finest cars available in the Indian Auto market today. In a few years time, we see the Jetta will be able to overtake the Corolla and Civic. Lack of a proper service network is one of the main reasons why VW will take time in capturing the market, which presently is dominated by Toyota and Honda (Skoda to an extent).

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