Video - Mercedes Benz Concept Style Coupe amazes

17/05/2012 - 08:18 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

When we posted a video of the Mercedes stylist Gordon Wagener explaining the design of the Mercedes Concept Style Coupe, our readers were amazed by the car's form and design features (the car's avalanche-effect headlights to be precise) and longed for a closer look at the model. We then posted images from the car's unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show and kept our eyes wide open for any new updates.

Our reader Hari KM tipped us on the trailer of this concept car uploaded on to Mercedes' official Youtube channel. Prepar to be amazed once again!

A bonus fact is the production model will be 90% similar to the concept car and the price range is expected to be 20-25 lakh rupees when it graces showrooms next year. You already know that Mercedes India has shown interest in bringing this model to India.

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