Valvoline Annual Mechanics Month Campaign in India Launched

28/03/2022 - 21:45 | Industry News | IAB Team

Valvoline announced the 2nd edition of the mechanic month campaign in India. Themed – ‘keeping the world moving forward’, the campaign is aimed at honoring mechanics and expressing gratitude for their ongoing, everyday service and encouraging people to thank their mechanics.

Valvoline Mechanics Months Banner

The month-long campaign will honor mechanics in numerous countries and will celebrate their importance as knowledgeable professionals critical to keeping engines running – and people moving forward.

Mechanics play a key role in the ownership experience of any vehicle and many of us have stories of how a mechanic went over and above their role to help us with a gearbox change at night or helped us jump start a car in the middle of nowhere when the car battery gave up.

As part of the campaign, Valvoline is encouraging the people to express gratitude towards mechanics to keep the world moving forward. The campaign will be activated through different touchpoints like radio, digital and on-ground.

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