Weird- An Underwater Scooter for your swimming pool

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Scooter rentals are popular at seaside resorts, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see someone trying to translate their appeal into an underwater equivalent. Intended for short-term tourist rental, the Aqua Star brings a scooter’s ease of use to undersea exploration.

The controls will operate like a bike – just twist the handlebars. The coolest feature is the diving bell style–helmet integrated into the Aqua Star’s body. It moves the heavy and cumbersome breathing apparatus from the diver to the bike, leaving riders free to dismount, swim around and climb back aboard at will. With a top speed of just 4mph and a maximum depth of 12 meters, the Aqua Star won’t intimidate potential users the way a Jet Ski or scuba lessons might. In fact, it could help more people access popular snorkeling reefs.

Source : Hellforleather

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