Green Car's 2009 COTY Award-Volkswagen Jetta TDI among finalists

01/11/2008 - 18:30 | BMW,   | Dave

BMW 335d also features in contenders list
BMW 335d also features in contenders list

Green Car Journal, the leading resource for information about exciting and environmentally positive vehicles, has announced the finalists for its annual Green Car of the Year award for 2009. The award recognizes new model vehicles that provide real answers for new car buyers looking for a personal stake in lessening environmental impact.

So, without further ado, we bring to you - The Top 5 Green cars for 2009(in alphabetical order)

1) BMW 335d

BMW’S 335d showcases how well advanced, efficient, and clean diesel power can be incorporated into a performance-based sport sedan. With 23 mpg city/33 mpg highway fuel economy and gobs of torque, there’s no sacrifice for performance fans here. This car, as per reports, is definitely heading India's way in the next year or so.

2) Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford’s first hybrid sedan uses a more advanced adaptation of the automaker’s full hybrid system to allow electric driving up to 47 mph, bringing the roomy five-passenger Fusion best-in-class fuel economy. An innovative SmartGauge with EcoGuide helps drivers achieve maximum mpg.

3) Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid

The Vue 2 Mode breaks new ground as the first application of GM’s two mode hybrid technology in a V-6 front-wheel-drive vehicle. The compact SUV combines welcome functionality and fuel economy with sprightly performance and a very smooth hybrid powertrain.

4) Smart fortwo

The smart fortwo represents an all new type of vehicle for American drivers. Now, the tiny two-seater that’s been a popular choice in Europe for years has come here, bringing with it a small eco footprint, higher fuel efficiency, and a trendy ‘green’ ride for new car buyers.

5) Volkswagen Jetta TDI

The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI builds on VW’s 30-plus years of diesel experience in the U.S. The latest diesel technology is used to enable this fuel efficient, affordable – and dare we say ‘fun’ – clean diesel sedan to meet tight emissions certification in all 50 states.

All five models here are important milestones for their manufacturers. This site is 'Indian' so, considering the Indian Market, the Beamer and VW are our favourites. The VW and BMW clean diesels are leading edge models signaling the advent of highly efficient, advanced diesel sedans that meet all emission certifications worldwide. Ford's Fusion Hybrid, a full hybrid, is this automaker's first hybrid sedan. Saturn's Vue 2-Mode is GM's first application of its two mode hybrid system in a V6 front-drive platform. The smart fortwo is a micro car with a very small eco footprint.

Of all the five cars, the 335d and the Jetta are the only diesel engined cars. These two cars, keep showing to the world that, Internal combustion engine is still alive, and can give Hybrids a run for their money! What amazed us is Jetta, which gets featured in almost all green journals- the latest being the EPA list. Quite simply the Jetta has become synonymous to fuel economy!

Source- Green Car

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