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JLR helps Tata Motors double its profit

When Tata Motors paid $2.3 billion to buy JLR from Ford, many analyst questioned the decision because of high valuations. But the Jaguar-Land Rover buyout has proven to be a life saver for Tata Motors. Net income hit a record 62.3 billion rupees ($1.1

Tata Motors to double investments in Jaguar-Land Rover

Tata Motors has indeed proved to be the ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ for the damsel in distress Jaguar-Land Rover. Back in 2008, when Tata Motors agreed purchase the British marquee from Ford, dark clouds surrounded the future of Jaguar-Land Rover. However

Tata Motors launch Vista in Nepal for 11.86 lakh rupees!

From trucks used in mining fields to the small hatchbacks reserved for city use, Tata Motors owns a big share in the automotive market of India thanks to its popularity, cost-conscious products and its widely spread service network. Although most of

Tata Motors and JLR plan to jointly develop engines

Way back in 2008, Tata Motors bought the iconic British marquee Jaguar-LandRover for 2.3 billion dollars and then managed to turn things around in less than three years. The Indo-Brit partnership is now ready to take things on the next level. In the company’s

Maruti scouting for Gujarat land; Tata returns to WB?

It’s not the first time we’re hearing about auto manufacturers reaching out to Gujarat for putting up a plant. We’ve heard stories about Hyundai and Ford’ interest in investing in Gujarat last year. Tata Motors produces Nano from

Pakistan wants Nano, but will they get it?

The International Multi Group of Companies, a Pakistan-based business conglomerate with highly diverse interests, wants India and Pakistan to reconsider trade agreements for them to import Nano and CNG Buses from Tata Motors. Pakistan allows a limited

Do we require exclusive showrooms for Tata Nano?

If Big Bazaar and Westside were not enough, Tata is planning to open exclusive showrooms just for the Nano. Tata Motors spokesperson told PTI - We are exploring appointing full fledged dealerships only for the Tata Nano in small towns The company

Tata Motors boosting workforce at UK Technical Center

Tata Motors European Technical Center (TMETC) will see plenty of activity over the next few years as the Indian manufacturer plans to recruit more qualified professionals to work on its projects. By 2013, it will employ 340 staff members from the current

Tata Nano could cost up to $8000 in North America

Tata Motors could have struck headline gold in 2008 with its one-lakh car, but the ride for the Tata Nano has been terribly bumpy. As reports of fires have not died down, customers are prompted to think twice about the safety aspect before signing on