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Maruti EECO Piknik headlamp

Maruti Eeco facelift to launch in September – Report

The mechanicals are unlikely to change. Launched in January 2010, the Maruti Eeco has been overlooked by the manufacturer for a facelift/model year update. Despite that, the people-mover has been raking sales volumes of 4,852 units/month (average volumes

Suzuki puts Every (Versa/Eeco) EV van on sale in Japan

Remember the Maruti Versa? If you don't, then look at the Maruti Eeco. It was an ugly cousin to the Eeco which failed miserably in India. Ever since the low priced Eeco was introduced bearing the Versa's virtues, sales have skyrocketed registering it

Will you eat at McDonalds for a Maruti Eeco?

As car sales start to decline, car makers get increasingly aggressive in their marketing campaigns to woo the audience. Latest rounds include giving away a free car to a lucky winner. One of the biggest fast food companies (in the world) and the country’s

Waiting period balloons for the super-hit Maruti EECO

The Maruti EECO is serving as a great alternative to the Omni buyer Things are going as per plan in camp Maruti. The Maruti Eeco seems to have done what the Versa failed to do trying years for Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Eeco customers have to deal with