Scooterist fined INR 48k for riding with both hands off the handlebar - Report

12/06/2020 - 13:17 | ,   | Utkarsh

A scooterist has been fined a whopping INR 48k for riding his scooter with both hands off the handlebar. His irresponsible behaviour has not only cost him a huge sum of money, but also his driving license.

Scooterist Fined
The scooterist was riding at 127 km/h.

This incident took place in Ciampino, Italy. The scooterist was riding at 127 km/h when he took his hands off the handlebar. Perhaps, he was just enjoying the thrill of riding or the freedom of movement post lockdown. Whatever the reason might be, not holding the handlebar while riding, that too at such a high speed, wasn’t a wise decision.

The entire act was caught on a traffic camera. However, the picture released by the local police doesn’t give many details regarding the type and model of the scooter. Considering the fact that it was being ridden at 127 km/h, it should be a 200 cc or higher maxi-scooter. We can also spot a twin taillamp set up along with a side-mounted upswept exhaust. Do you know which scooter is it? Drop a comment below.

The scooterist can be seen with his hands stretched wide open, perhaps, mimicking a gliding aeroplane as there was an airport nearby. This little stunt was carried out near a pedestrian crossing that has no traffic lights or other regulatory devices. Thankfully, nothing bad happened but things could have gone south in no time. The local police have fined the scooterist EUR 560 (INR 48,079) and also suspended his license.

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While taking hands off the handlebar on a moving scooter for a short period might not sound like a big deal, when the act is carried out on public roads, it could end up badly for the rider as well as the people around. Traffic rules are created for everyone’s safety and they only work if they are being followed.

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