Royal Enfield Launches Luggage for Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650

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Royal Enfield has recently launched the 2021 models of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 in India. Both twin-cylinder motorcycles have received a bunch of attractive colour options that make them even more desirable than before. The Chennai-based company has also introduced a few new optional accessories for the 650 Twins that include seats, flyscreens, and more.

Interceptor 650 With Luggage Rhs
The luggage options for the 650 twins include a set of soft panniers.

Royal Enfield was expected to add the Tripper Navigation system in the 2021 Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. However, that hasn’t been the case. The company has also not provided alloy wheels, which several enthusiasts were looking forward to, even as optional accessories. We checked Royal Enfield’s official website for any updates regarding the same but to no avail. However, we did find new products listed under the “Luggage” section, that previously used to be empty.

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Continental Gt 650 With Pannier Mounting Kit
To mount the panniers, a pannier mounting kit needs to be installed.

Royal Enfield has introduced soft panniers for the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. They are made up of canvas and are said to be water-resistant. They come with quick-release straps, have a capacity of 8.5L each, and can hold a max load of 3kg. The set of panniers have been priced at INR 6000. Customers can also buy just the RHS pannier for INR 4000.

Luggage For Royal Enfield 650 Twins
Customers can also get only the RHS pannier and its mounting kit.

To mount the panniers on the motorcycles, specifically designed mounting rails are required, which are also available for purchase from Royal Enfield’s website. They are made from 16mm stainless steel for excellent durability and style. Their design is such that when the panniers are not installed, they wouldn’t become a hindrance. The total cost for a pair is INR 1600 whereas just the RHS unit will set you back by INR 1200.

With the luggage system out, we really hope that Royal Enfield will also launch the alloy wheels and Tripper Navigation as optional accessories for the 650 Twins.

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